Virtual Mobility to Pachino

Lego robots

Each and every interaction between humans and computers is governed by code. Whether you create a web app, follow GPS directions when driving or wish to revolutionise social interactions. Coding is the literacy of today and it helps practice 21st century skills such as problem solving, team work and analytical thinking. In this virtual mobility Italian students prepared a couple of workshops about Lego EV3 robot and how to use its different sensors.

When this virtual mobility finished, students who participated in this activity presented to the rest of the students of the project what they learned. Each of the participants explained to the rest of the members of their group, in a practical way, the contents of each one of the workshops held during the mobility.

How to make a memorable pitch

Involved participants were provided with the necessary skills to improve their techniques and fluency to make an impressive presentation in English of their business ideas and their projects. That’s a crucial skill not only in their academic day to day at school, but also for their future. Nowadays, job interviews are increasingly more important than curriculum vitae. Candidates for a job have 3 or 4 minutes to convince the interviewer that they are the best option for that position. In other words, they must make a pitch selling themselves. Students who participate in this project will learn various techniques to make a memorable pitch and to communicate better. This way they will enhance their employability and may get better jobs

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