Marketing Plans

Throughout the second term of the course, the Polish students have drawn up the Marketing Plan for the different projects. Among them we want to highlight three: Orchid Company, Best Drive and HoneyMoon Travel.

Orchid Company

This plan is presented for Orchid Company, which sells artificial  flowers. We've created good quality artificial  flowers, and our marketing plan will show that we have a unique opportunity to expand into a new market.


HoneyMoon Travel

The HoneyMoon Travel is an exclusive new travel agency that will organize domestic and foreign honeymoons for young married couples. Moreover this company will deal with preparing unique comprehensive events consisting of wedding parties and other entertainments programs - in England and abroad

Konrad Maria 4ez - marketing plan (2)

Best Drive

This company produces summer, winter and all-season tires for passenger cars. Their products are common in the market, but we would like to increase their distribution. We believe that we are able to develop without losing the quality of our products