Get to know Localis

Get to know Localis

On April 26, 2021, the online final phase of the regional mini-companies Competition, organized by Junior Achievement, took place. Some students participating in our Erasmus+ project presented Localis to a jury made up of entrepreneurs and professionals from the business world. Among the audience were also 30 teachers from other educational centers and about 100 students

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Project presentations

Project presentations

Students from each country are developing their projects. Due to COVID19 pandemic, some schools are close and they are implementing remote learning. We have had to adapt out project to these circumstances. Students are making the most from their own homes to share their work and coordinate themselves with their colleagues from other countries. You will find below an exemple of what are they doing this academic year....

Project presentations

Cleaning the Oceans with Reseacling

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CodeWeek 2020


This new academic year 2020-21 is quite strange. Some students or entire groups of students are confined at their homes. We are not allowed to travel abroad and many activities have to be held online. On mid October, a group of volunteers and supported by the European Commission organized the CodeWeek, a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

We participated in that initiative organizing an online event. Using the tools presented in our first mobility (Girona, November 2018), students had to create an app to make people aware of the dangers of COVID and the importance of pandemic prevention measures. Some groups created an app that included a quiz about prevention measures, others focused their efforts on what to do when you have COVID symptoms...

It was really a success. We were awarded with a recognition certificate.

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Making visors to protect from the covid-19

Visors for doctors and nurses

Due to the exponential growth of Corona Virus cases in Spain, doctors and nurses in many hospitals do not have enough protective visors to be able to safely treat patients. When the news of the lack of protective material came out, the maker movement began to coordinate to manufacture the necessary material with 3D printers. From Girona we join this movement and we are printing visors for the city's hospitals.

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Finalists in the JA regional competition


Eco2meter is a social and sustainable project that consists of creating devices connected to a mobile application to detect the level of CO2 emissions and other polluting gases. By doing so, we make people aware of the carbon footprint we produce and its harmful effects.

Eco2Spot is a small portable device to take it everywhere, with the application you can see: the amount of CO2 in the air, statistics and tips to reduce the carbon footprint, a real-time map with the CO2 level of the data collected from others ... This product is aimed at families, individuals and municipalities, to obtain information on air quality in user neighbourhoods of the municipality
With our project we want to help people to prevent diseases that affect human health (caused by the high level of gas emissions), in addition to the devastating effect it has on climate change.


We have designed small individual wind turbines for houses, which will serve to have their own energy, reduce the high costs of renewable energy companies and, above all, help reduce the greenhouse effect caused by non-renewable energies.
Our wind turbine is manufactured with different materials, among others, carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum and metal. These materials are used to manufacture the rotor blades, the rotor, the hub cover, bearing reducer and cover. Various electrical components such as a multiplier, a generator, conductors of the generated energy, a control panel, as well as a cooling system are also required.

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Dissemination in Spain

Bell-lloc (Girona, Spain)

The newspaper "Diari de Girona" today collects the news about the European award obtained by the WaterSave project developed within the Erasmus + program.
A group of 5 students developed with Arduino a device to facilitate the saving of drinking water in homes, gyms and hotels.

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Best innovative project

JA-YE Company of the Year competition

More than 200 young entrepreneurs, representing 40 student companies, gathered in Lille this week to compete in the Grand Finale of JA Europe’s Company of the Year Competition. Throughout the school year, the students went through the JA Company programme, an entrepreneurship education programme that bridges the gap between classrooms and workplaces. As such, teachers and business volunteers play a key role in the delivery of the programme. JA provides teachers with a series of learning-by-doing business, economics and entrepreneurship activities, while business volunteers visit the classrooms to share their experience and mentor students on career opportunities and the necessary skills required to match their ambitions.

Delta Innovative Award

After winning the national mini-company competition, the WaterSave components were being prepared during the month of June for the European final in Lille. They presented  WaterLight, a device which helps save 50% of water consumption, and raise awareness about water consumption. They had to defend their project at three levels: in the presentation before an audience of some 400 people; at a stand they set up to show the jury what the project consisted of and in the Interview Panel with the jury. The fact of having carried out the project within the framework of the Erasmus + KA229 program was an added value that the jury took into account.

More info

WaterSave presentation

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Project diffusion in Spain

Bell-lloc (Girona, Spain)

The students who participated in the second mobility, presented the rest of their classmates with everything they had done during their stay in Lisbon: the Arduino workshops, the car competition, the Python programming, etc.
We also held an event to publicize the project in Talent Tower, by ManpowerGroup, before more than 900 people.

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Dissemination in Poland

Ziemia Kolbuszowska (Poland)

We had two presentations for all the students in our school about mobility to Spain and to Lisbon. And we prepared two posters about each mobility which will be later placed in a prominent place at school.

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